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We want you to think of us as your in-house video production company and creative partner. Whether you need a web commercial, event sizzle video, corporate media communications, testimonial, explainer, or coverage of live events. Luke & Ashley Brands will work with you to create engaging content that successfully connects with your audience and helps achieve your goals.

As your creative partner, our job is to understand your needs, challenges and goals. Our content involves much more than just removing friction from the buying process. We aim to inspire and foster an emotional connection with your audience and customers through memorable and meaningful storytelling.

90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions.

Did you know?

The concept behind branded video marketing is to create long term relationships with your customers. Right now video marketing is more popular than before, because of how easy it is to get your viewers engaged. 

As you interact and engage back, they feel heard! That trust continues to grow to where they will feel comfortable sharing your videos and content with their friends. The idea is that as trust grows, so will your organic traffic.

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Packages starting at $1500

Commerical & Brand Videos

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Training videos and educational videos are crucial internal tools to push your team to being the best they can be—well-informed about the products and processes that allow them to learn and grow.

In the case of training videos geared toward customers, video allows you to provide quality training that ultimately improves customer service and experience. And that helps you save time and money by reducing the amount of manpower needed to address customer concerns over the phone or via email.

Packages starting at $2500

Training Video

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But what we all really want to hear before making a buying decision is other people’s experience with a product or service. We’re all impacted by the opinions of other people, even people we don’t know.

That’s why customer testimonial videos are one of the best ways to sell you and your product. Through the power of video testimonials, you can let your happy customers do the work for you, by simply telling everyone how much they love your product.

Packages starting at $750

Testimonial Videos

Any company can tell you how great their product or service is.

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YouTube is an essential marketing component for almost all companies these days. The process of uploading video content to the platform couldn’t be simpler, meaning it can be integrated into any marketing plan.

Online video marketing provides businesses with the opportunity to build trust and establish themselves as an authority in their industry. Most importantly, it’s easier to connect and engage with audiences through online video when compared against written content.

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Packages starting at $1500

Youtube & Social Media

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We specialize in online course creation for coaches and online business owners. 

Much like writing a book, creating and selling an online course helps to position you as an authority on your subject.

It elevates you from practitioner to teacher, and indicates that you have enough expertise in your niche that you can teach a course on it

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Packages starting at $2500

Online Coaching & Training Courses

Alpha Pitt wanted to create a restaurant without compromising on its street food vibe and service. 

Alpha Pitt Smokers elevated their brand from the street BBQ to fine dining.   

“When it comes to food, delicious food images are what attract clients. They want to see amazing food and then come try it.”

Owner Alpha Pitt

Draft Top needed high quality video and photos to show why a Draft Top was needed for every occasion. Enhancing the sense with an open can makes everything better. 

How Draft Top launched their new product line with a lifestyle approach

“Luke & Ashley Brands, not only solved our creative problem, but helped us market to our Ideal Clients! -Armand, Founder Inventor of Draft Top”

Madison was looking to rebrand her business and wanted a clean minimalist look for the new brand. Having professional photography that showed off her product in a relatable and yet high end way was her goal for this branding session. 

How photography took her brand to a clean minimalistic look. 

“Luke and Ashley Brands hit it out of the park and definitely over delivered.”


The majority of customers research menus and look through photos before they ever step foot in the door of our restaurant. 

How Daddy's Pitmaster BBQ showcased an elevated 'take out' menu

"An artful food photo is worth a thousand 5 star reviews."

Joy Andrus, Catering & Marketing, Qdaddys BBQ 

Creating Frau Line has been such an exciting and rewarding experience, but with having full time jobs, it’s been difficult keeping up with marketing, engaging with our audience, and constantly brainstorming to promote brand awareness and stay relevant on social media. 

Frau Line's wines take flight.

“Working with Luke and Ashley is an absolute blast. They take our ideas and bring them to life. At the end of the day, we’re getting back so much of our time.”

As Sarah began the journey of starting her branding and web design studio, she was in need of a visual foundation for her brand identity that would communicate to her potential clients the style, classic feel, and welcoming personality she offers. From social platforms to a strong online presence, Sarah’s brand photos are an essential she can’t live without! :) 

Brand Photography: A Designer’s Essential to Building a Signature Brand Presence. 

“From initial inspiration to the final photos, I could trust Luke & Ashley to help me create a cohesive and beautiful brand presence for my business. The launch of my new site would not be the same without their amazing visuals!”


In today's visual, media based world it is frustrating trying to consistently capture your business with professional photo and video. Having a team do it for us was game changer!  

How Coastal Strength & Fitness connects with the local community.

“Luke & Ashley Brands helped solve this problem, helping us feel confident in the media we use to communicate what we are about.”

-Gary, Owner

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