Case study with Daddy's Pitmaster BBQ

After a series of well-crafted photo sessions with Luke and Ashley, we had dossier of images suitable for print media and online marketing.

Those photos have allowed us to elevate branding across multiple formats Anytime I need a social media post I have plenty of photo content to chose from. If I’m developing a promotion, emailing my client list, printing a coupon, sponsor an event, etc. I go back to my collection of photos and immediately have a clear and consistent collateral for each marketing campaign, ready to roll out.

 Strong product images help us convey that we take pride in our work and we care about our customer’s experience. 

Building a restaurant with food photography

Showcasing our menu through professional photography has allowed our restaurant to tell our food story the way we want our customers to see it best; thoughtfully presented, in perfect lighting. 

The Solution

The majority of customers research menus and look through photos before they ever step foot in the door of our restaurant.  

The Challenge

How visual media can resolve your branding challenges

Need help launching your product?

Food brand photography helped QDaddy's achieve their marketing goals. Consider how brand photography can benefit you or your business:

✔   Demonstrate how your product works
✔   Educate customers of product features
✔   Create marketing materials for social media
✔   Tell your story






Luke and Ashley are awarded photographers and have served over 200 businesses in Virginia, Easy Coast and across the nation.

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