Case study with Draft Top

Draft Top came to us when they first started on Kickstarter to make a product demo video. We had to show off what and how do you use a Draft Top. 

The challenge was that nobody heard of a tool that remove the top off a can, and why would you!!

Educating the end user is the key to the success of Draft Top. Your smell and taste are joined. Enhancing both at the same time, elevated all drinks.  

How do we launch a new product??

Lifestyle brand photography session with product usage focus + video promo

The Solution

Introduce a new product that nobody knew about, 

The Challenge

Get market awareness of our new product to the industry of beer drinking. 

Kickstarter Promo Video

Draft Top was looking for a quick easy video to share what a Draft Top is and how it can be used in the everyday life.

Used for their second Kickstarter campaign.


Social Media-IG Reels & Tik-Tok

More info about the production of this video, what was unique about it and how it was used for the business.

Key West, Fl 

- Emma Woodhouse

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Need help launching your product?

Lifestyle brand photography helped Draft Top achieve their marketing goals. Consider how lifestyle brand photography can benefit you or your business:

✔   Demonstrate how your product works
✔   Educate customers of product features
✔   Attract others to your brand.
✔   Build community






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