Case study with Coastal Strength

Coastal Fitness hired Luke & Ashley Brands to help them capture their ideal client and show off how easy it is to come to the gym, work out and build community. 

Photography was key in shaping that image as new people were looking for a gym to attend. 

Standing out and attracting our ideal customer.

Capture the community of Coastal Fitness.

The Solution

People are intimidated of going to a gym.

The Challenge

Show off our community and help with attracting our Ideal Client with photography

Need help finding your ideal client? 

Lifestyle brand photography helped Coastal Strength achieve their marketing goals. Consider how lifestyle brand photography can benefit you or your business:

✔   Share your story
✔   Educate customers of your company values
✔   Attract others to your brand.
✔   Build community






Luke and Ashley are awarded photographers and have served over 200 businesses in Virginia, Easy Coast and across the nation.

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