Case study with Alpha Pitt Smokers

Alpha Pitt Smokers came to Luke & Ashley Brands to help them elevate their online presence, catering services and in dining restaurant experience.

Beautifully styled food photography for one of Yorktowns iconic BBQ locations.  Luke & Ashley Brands supported Alpha Pitt Smokers with loads of visual content for social media, product launches and their catering menu. 

Building a restaurant with food photography

Booked a brand session to photograph new menu items and create social media content 

The Solution

Create and capture a new look for Alpha Pitt Smokers, for social media, email marketing and catering. 

The Challenge

New Menu that required new images, social media and email marketing content. 

Jason, Owner of Alpha Pitt Smokers

"When it comes to food, delicious food images are what attract clients. They want to see amazing food and then come try it."

Need help launching your product?

Lifestyle brand photography helped Draft Top achieve their marketing goals. Consider how lifestyle brand photography can benefit you or your business:

✔   Demonstrate how your product works
✔   Educate customers of product features
✔   Another branding goal here
✔   Another branding goal here






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