Marketing & Social Media Management


Get consistent on social media and target the right audience

Learn about your brand, discover your Ideal Client and strategize your next steps. 
  • Creative Content Strategy for Monthly shoots-Creative Brief Proposal
  • Upcoming Promotions
  • Brand awareness strategy/Content needs
  • Reel/Tiktok Content ideas
  • Email Marketing

The Brand Strategy Call

Step One

Brand Identity Discovery

We will create a plan on content creation that connects with your ideal client. 
  • Creating content that tells a story 
  • Developing a social strategy for 3 months of instagram 
  • Implementing your social content

Strategic Content + Social Plan

Stand out and identify your business and service. 
  • Update Current Instagram Aesthetic 
  • Bio
  • Links
  • Branded Images
  • Highlight covers 
  • Define Overall Brand Feel and develop creative brief for content shoots

Social Identity Plan

On our call, we will go over the three ideas below to help you identify what you need for your business.



  • Updated Bio
  • Updated Highlight/Profile image
  • Branded Images
  • Editable social templates

Sincerely Hooked

See our before and after result with brand identity



  • Updated Bio
  • Updated Highlight/Profile image
  • Branded Images

Ivy Glam



  • Updated Bio
  • Updated Highlight/Profile image
  • Branded Images

The Frau Lines

Content Shoot: Full Creative Brief Design (Models, Storyboard, Multiple locations)
  • Monthly 20-25 Images
  • 2-3 Reels
  • 3-4 Branded info graphics 

Content Includes:
  • Images: Flat Lay, Product, + Lifestyle Photography
  • Reels/Video: Trendy and timely short form video content to align with Brand Direction.
  • Branded Infographics: For social posts to integrate variety 

Step Two

Monthly Content Creation

Our Monthly Content Creation offers a comprehensive content strategy each month and takes the leg work out of your social media planning. 

Content Calendar
Calendar of content with strategic planned days to optimize the integration of static posts, info graphics, and reels.

Done for you copy and paste and go. Grid Mockup.

Post Frequency Options: 

  • 2x/Week: $400/month
  • 3x/Week: $475/month
  • 4x/week: $525/month

Step Three

Monthly Social Media Strategy

Our social media strategy is to outline your social media goals and create tactics you will use to achieve them and metrics you will track to measure your progress. 

We added professionaly imagery and content strategy


Having a curated Instagram feed matters for every brand out there.

Well-chosen images and content on your Instagram feed are like a digital mood board to your followers.

We added professionaly imagery and content strategy


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We added professionaly imagery and content strategy


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis felis massa, egestas suscipit ante eu, aliquet dictum nulla.



Social Media Feed Examples

  • 20-25 Images
  • 2-3 Reels
  • 3-4 Infographics
  • Grid Mockup
  • Planned posts for 2/week up to 4x/week

Need us to take on your social media completely?
Implementation (Optional) 
  • Posting all feed posts as well as story posts
  • Interact and engage with other accounts to boost algorithm
  • Answer messages--> reroute to booking or email
  • Respond to comments
  • Troubleshoot
  • Implement and Run Ads from posts (payment needs set up in account prior)

Step Four

Content and Calendar Delivered

Your 3 months of specifically created content and calendar are delivered, ready for you to post. 

Looking for real life examples of businesses we've helped?

Explore our case studies of real businesses who we've worked with

Alpha Pitt wanted to create a restaurant without compromising on its street food vibe and service. 

Alpha Pitt Smokers elevated their brand from the street BBQ to fine dining.   

“When it comes to food, delicious food images are what attract clients. They want to see amazing food and then come try it.”

Owner Alpha Pitt

Draft Top needed high quality video and photos to show why a Draft Top was needed for every occasion. Enhancing the sense with an open can makes everything better. 

How Draft Top launched their new product line with a lifestyle approach

“Luke & Ashley Brands, not only solved our creative problem, but helped us market to our Ideal Clients! -Armand, Founder Inventor of Draft Top”

Madison was looking to rebrand her business and wanted a clean minimalist look for the new brand. Having professional photography that showed off her product in a relatable and yet high end way was her goal for this branding session. 

How photography took her brand to a clean minimalistic look. 

“Luke and Ashley Brands hit it out of the park and definitely over delivered.”


The majority of customers research menus and look through photos before they ever step foot in the door of our restaurant. 

How Daddy's Pitmaster BBQ showcased an elevated 'take out' menu

"An artful food photo is worth a thousand 5 star reviews."

Joy Andrus, Catering & Marketing, Qdaddys BBQ 

Creating Frau Line has been such an exciting and rewarding experience, but with having full time jobs, it’s been difficult keeping up with marketing, engaging with our audience, and constantly brainstorming to promote brand awareness and stay relevant on social media. 

Frau Line's wines take flight.

“Working with Luke and Ashley is an absolute blast. They take our ideas and bring them to life. At the end of the day, we’re getting back so much of our time.”

As Sarah began the journey of starting her branding and web design studio, she was in need of a visual foundation for her brand identity that would communicate to her potential clients the style, classic feel, and welcoming personality she offers. From social platforms to a strong online presence, Sarah’s brand photos are an essential she can’t live without! :) 

Brand Photography: A Designer’s Essential to Building a Signature Brand Presence. 

“From initial inspiration to the final photos, I could trust Luke & Ashley to help me create a cohesive and beautiful brand presence for my business. The launch of my new site would not be the same without their amazing visuals!”


In today's visual, media based world it is frustrating trying to consistently capture your business with professional photo and video. Having a team do it for us was game changer!  

How Coastal Strength & Fitness connects with the local community.

“Luke & Ashley Brands helped solve this problem, helping us feel confident in the media we use to communicate what we are about.”

-Gary, Owner

 case study






Luke and Ashley are awarded photographers and have served over 200 businesses in Virginia, Easy Coast and across the nation.

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