The Importance of Brand Consistency

Alpha Pitt Smokers is a veteran-owned business that carries the tradition of gathering with friends, family, and good eats. Alpha Pitt Smokers understands the importance of Brand Consistency.

Serving our local Hampton Roads area of Virginia, they have over 20 years in the food and beverage industry. They do everything from elevated tailgating grub to healthy meal prep options to catering corporate events. And it all started with food as the centerpiece of their family events. They perfected their recipes and became more than just BBQ — it’s a community.

So…wanna know how we landed this gig? A cold call. Yep! They catered a wedding we were working on and we built a relationship with them. So we thought – why not? The worst thing they can do is say no. We called the owner and asked if they wanted a brand photoshoot. 

Immediately, the owner got right on board because they already had some goals. As they grew and developed new recipes, they wanted their menu to reflect their options. They hired us as brand photographers to shoot the new menu items and update current menu items to have the same look. They recognized the importance of keeping brand consistency. 

Brand Consistency is a crucial element of marketing.

A brand representing itself effectively involves maintaining consistency with its overall image. The photos we provide are usable for several different platforms and strategies. We work to keep a clear brand identity that can be recognized no matter where the images are being viewed.  

Before our business photoshoot, we ask the clients about their brand. What aesthetic are they hoping to create? What tone do they want to be communicated with? What emotion do they want to be evoked? This understanding helps us with lighting, background choice, lens, style, props, etc. We take into account our responsibility in helping the brand’s vision come to life. We too, understand the importance of brand consistency.

Alpha Pitt Smokers wanted fresh, clean images of their food. And if brand photography does its job, these images will make a potential customer want to eat there. The final product of their business photoshoot showcases a high-end BBQ restaurant with a small-time feel.

“When it comes to food, delicious food images attract clients. They want to see amazing food and then come try it.”


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