We are Luke & Ash

Your brand photographer and video production company.

It’s time we introduce ourselves! 

We’re Luke & Ashley Beasley — or more commonly referred to as Luke & Ash. The photography duo. The husband & wife team. The Virginia Wedding Photographers. Yes…for 11 years, it’s been wedding photography. Capturing the magic of the biggest day of peoples’ lives. The bells & whistles. The big budgets and prominent families. The grandeur and glory. The details and decadence. The romance and the drama. 

And for all our time spent at weddings, we’ve fallen in love with people. Our varying interactions show the vastness of diversity — interests, personalities, careers, passions, and backgrounds. And we grow with intrigue and admiration. Every weekend we’re introduced to a new world: a core group of people centered around a couple who has impacted that circle of friendship. Every couple is different. Every family is unique. But a singular vision: a wedding to celebrate. And us: scheduled intruders. We come in unfamiliar to this crowd, yet eager to see two people have the best day of their lives. Parachuting into their world with a distinct view: their priorities, their people, their story. 

It’s quite an intimate business, wedding photography. The idea of being right smack dab in the middle of someone’s community, celebration, and creativity. It’s a gift that has caused us to crave more. To see more people’s stories stand up and get noticed. To keep highlighting and showcasing the diversity of the human spirit.

So we asked ourselves: why can’t this be an option for anyone? Not just a monumental event like a wedding. Why not make brands and businesses shine with attention to detail and decorated success? Let’s look beyond logos and fonts and colors. Part of what tells a compelling story is through images. A brand’s visual identity is critical.

Enter Brand Photography. 

Businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, designers, creators, artists, corporate ladder climbers, work from home hustlers. Why not create synergy for all of the different energies out there?

See what we’re getting at? Maybe you’ve still got questions…like why hire us as a brand photographer? 

Because we’re good at showing up and showing you off, over a decade of wading through the wedding biz that has been forged within us, and we’re confident in the free fall now — parachuting into your identity, your reality. Bringing our skill, expertise, and passion. Being up close & personal to what makes an entrepreneur get out of bed in the morning makes them push themselves harder – up close and personal to their dream. We’re ready to give personal brands visual wings to fly. 

Why do you need brand photography?

Whether it’s a brand photoshoot with colors, props, and sets or sleek headshots of your team for your website, our heart as brand photographers is to come alongside the extraordinary people making magic happen. Let us drop in and leave you with professional imagery that…

  • Represents your values
  • Makes your brand more relatable and human
  • Increases engagement
  • Creates a killer first impression
  • Promotes consistency
  • Helps you tell the story you want to tell
  • Buffs up your marketing materials

We’re strapped in, eager to jump, our parachutes in place…ready to enter your atmosphere. 

Is your brand up for the adventure?

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